Lima, September 19th and 20th, 2016.- The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the National Contact Point of the OECD located in the Private Investment Promotion Agency of Peru(ProInversión) organize in Lima the international “workshop” Promoting good practices of corporate responsibility in mining.
The event, which was inaugurated on September 19 and run until September 20, aims to contribute to the successful development of mining projects through knowledge and dissemination of good corporate responsibility practices recommended by the OECD and international organizations.

The speakers and panelists participating in this event are renowned experts from international organizations on corporate responsibility issues, such as the OECD, the IFC of the World Bank, Peruvian public organizations, the mining business sector, and Peruvian academics, with the valuable experience of experts from OECD countries such as Canada, Mexico and Chile.

Thus, the presentation of the OECD Action Framework for Investment Policies (PFI) and policies that cover various aspects related to investments, including the recommended actions to promote responsible business conduct, was given by Mónica Sztajerowska, guest of the Investment Unit OECD investments.

“The OECD has an Policy Framework for Investment with a holistic approach prepared through a long consultation process, developed with companies and NGOs, and represents a tool with multilateral support. Corporate Social Responsibility has been institutionalized in all countries and very important sectors. Not engaging in socially responsible behavior can lead to millions in losses for companies”, commented Mónica Sztajerowska.

For her part, the head of the OECD’s Business Conduct Unit (RBC), Bárbara Bijelic, spoke about the OECD guidelines for multinational companies. She pointed out that in the 2011 revision of the OECD guidelines a new provision on stakeholder participation was added.

Bijelic indicated that multinational companies should “engage with relevant stakeholders in order to provide meaningful opportunities for their views to be taken into account in connection with planning and decision-making for projects or other activities that may significantly affect local communities.

At her turn, the Official of the IFC-World Bank Confederation, Carla Toledo, obtained recommendations from international organizations for responsible mining, as well as community relations strategies. She pointed out that “the key to strategic community investments is to consider all stakeholders and see what risks or opportunities they represent for the company, in order to develop a portfolio that responds to a win-win between companies and communities.”

In the context of Good Practices in corporate responsibility of mining companies in the international workshop, there is also the participation of successful experiences of Minera Antamina, Minera Barrick and Minera Milpo, which, among others, develop actions in mining areas aimed at development local and regional.

The presentations will be complemented by the contribution of the coordinator of the Corporate Responsibility Unit of the OECD, Bárbara Bijelic, who will give a Capacity Building Workshop on Corporate Responsibility in Extractive Sectors and “Stakeholders” for specialists from the public and private sectors and with the participation of representatives of the OECD National Contact Points of Chile, Mexico and Peru.