Lima, November 11, 2021.- Within the framework of the activities for the year 2021, the OECD National Contact Point in Peru (PNC), located in PROINVERSION, together with the General Directorate of Human Rights of the Ministry of Justice and Rights Humans (MINJUSDH), organized the past october 29th, 2021, the virtual worksho: The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights 2021-2025 and its role in the promotion of the Responsible Business Conduct (RBC).

The objectives of this workshop focused in disseminating the OECD Guidelines OECD for Multinational Enterprises through the NCP, as well as the implementation by the MINJUSDH of the National Action Plan for Businesses and Human Rights 2021-2025; and their importance in the promotion of RBC in Peru.

During the opening and introductory session of the workshop, the special participation of experts from the OECD Centre for RBC: Jorge Galvez, Manager (i) for Latin America and the Caribbean and Marie Bouchard, Policies Analyst for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Both focused on detailing the progress and challenges to promote the RBC agenda in Peru with the support of the various national public bodies, in accordance with the recommendations of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. Likewise, they commented on the functions of the PNC Peru to implement the OECD Guidelines, as well as the recommendations of the report “OECD Responsible Business Conduct Policy Reviews: Peru” published in June of 2020.

The OECD experts pointed out that our country effectively regulates in favor of promoting Responsible Business Conduct in the areas covers by the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprise.

They also mentioned that Peru has begun to develop initiatives to promote and encourage RBC through other areas of public policies, such as public procurement, state enterprises, trade and investment. However, challenges remain structural to apply and enforce the existing legal framework that promotes the RBC.

They highlighted that RBC is a positive influence and that now governments and private companies promote it, since interest in sustainability strategies is increasing. A clear example is how the RBC is integrated into trade and investment agreements, such as the new Trade Agreement between the US and Canada or the agreements that Peru maintains with countries members of the Pacific Alliance.

For his part, the Director of the Investor Services Division of PROINVERSIÓN, Alejandro Prieto, representing the Peruvian NCP, highlighted that the Peruvian NCP disseminates the OECD Guidelines in the context of the commitments assumed by Peru since 2008, by adhering to the Declaration on International Investment and Multinational Enterprises. Within this framework, he added, in 2009 it was approved that the National Contact Point be locate in PROINVERSION.

Likewise, he claimed that the tools recommended by the OECD to promote RBC, such as the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the Due Diligence Guidance for the Conduct Business Responsible and sectorial guides, are very useful in conducting responsible business, considering that they can generate a base of mutual trust between companies and the localities where they carry out activities, enhancing the contribution of Business to the developing sustainable.

The Director of the DSI pointed out that, in line with the functions and objectives of the PNC, PROINVERSION is a state agency that promotes the attraction of investments with corporate, social and environmental responsibility, for which the entity takes into account the recommendations of international organisms like the OECD.

During the workshop, the implementation, by the MINJUSDH, of the National Action Plan on Businesses and Human Rights 2021-2025 was also promoted.

The Coordinator General of Plan of Action (NAP) 2021-2025, Federico Chunga, made emphasis in the current stage of implementation of the PNA 2021-2025, which implies the implementation of various strategic activities.

He affirmed that one of the challenges of the implementation of the NAP 2021-205 is the strengthening of the capacities of various entities (MINJUSDH, NCP, Judiciary, Public Ministry, among others) in policy coherence and also supporting the business sector (especially micro and small businesses) with the help of international and national organizations. Another point is the importance of using rigorous indicators for business due diligence and that the need to deepen the dialogue to construct and follow up on the NAP.

The closure of the event was in charge of the General Director of Human Rights of the MINJUSDH, Edgardo Rodriguez, who highlighted that the implementation of RBC in public policies will contribute to the full incorporation of Peru in the OECD, since it will generate a positive impact in different areas and also strengthen State-owned Enterprises.

The organization of this workshop, which was attended by various representatives of ministries, public bodies national and OECD countries, is one of the activities carried out by the, located in PROINVERSIÓN, during the year 2021, others are:

  • Participation in various virtual meetings held during 2021 by the Working Group on Responsible Business Conduct and the Global Network Nationals Contact Points.
  • Participation in the working groups of the Group of the Executive sector and the Multi-stakeholder group in the formulation stage and in the current stage of implementation of the NAP 2021-2025</li>
  • Participate the activities developed during the year 2021, related to the Regional Network of NCPs and the Regional Program of Responsible Business Conduct for Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean – CERALC.