Arequipa, October 26, 2017.- The National Contact Point to disseminate the OECD Guidelines and promote the responsible business conduct in Peru, gathered in the city of Arequipa enterprises, mainly from the mining and energy sectors, to disseminate the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Guidelines related to the corporate sector role to reinforce the favorable climate of investments in the country.

During this event, organized with the support of the Arequipa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Arequipa Regional Government and the Arequipa South Regional Coordination Office of ProInversión, the Director of the ProInversión’s Investor Services Division, Cesar Martin Peñaranda, representing the National Contact Point, mentioned that the institution disseminates the OECD Guidelines in the context of the commitment assumed by Peru, since 2008, after joining the OECD Declaration on International Investment and Multinational Enterprises.

Likewise, it was also important the participation of the invited speakers as Juan Carlos Vargas, expert in OECD Guidelines from OECD Watch, and Synara Sanchez, commercial and Policies Affairs attaché of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, who made a presentation about the experience of the Kingdom of Netherlands OECD National Contact Point.

The event also had the participation and valuable contributions from the Arequipa Regional Government and the Arequipa Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

On the other hand, during this event, the n video “Peru towards the OECD” was broadcasted to show the main aspects of the Country Programme signed by the Peruvian Government with the OECD. The Country Programme fosters a mutual-benefit cooperation relation to allow Peru to implement a group of standards and practices that will contribute, through the improvement of the quality of public policies, to shorten the learning curve to the economic, social, and institutional development and, therefore, the increasing of investments through the generation of a good business climate, the attraction of responsible investments and the modernization of the Government.